Ultimate Guide in Converting Your Carport into a Garage

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Most homeowners opt for carports because it’s more affordable than a garage and still does its job. However, the number of people converting their carports into a garage is on the rise. Since garages are enclosed structures, it gives more protection for your vehicles.

Before converting your carport into a garage, you should carefully plan how you will do it. To help you out, here are some of the factors you should consider to have a successful conversion.

Research on Your Local Building Codes

The first thing to do when you’re planning on a major construction is to check your local building codes and your homeowner’s association. Most HOAs have strict rules and regulations. It can lead to unwanted fines if these rules are disregarded. Contact your local community and find out if you’re even allowed to enclose your carport.

Determine the Cost

Before you start converting your carport into a garage, research or ask contractors the total cost of the project. From there, determine your budget. If you’re trying to keep the cost down, there are many options you can look into like buying materials from a resale shop to get the building materials you need at a lower cost.

Inspect Your Existing Carport

To start your conversion project, you need to make sure that your existing carport is in good condition to avoid any future damages. You should check the foundation, support beams, and the roof.

It is important to check for any cracks or issues on the foundation of your carport. Having an unstable foundation will affect your new garage.

Your support beams should be able to support the walls and any accessories you will add. If you have a wooden support beam, check for any signs of rot and termites. Although metal carports are not prone to insect infestation, the beams can be out of the square. Check if the support beams are leaning using a level.

Another thing to check is if the roof has holes. It’s not unusual for carports to have holes in the roof because they are exposed to different weather conditions every day. Due to wear and tear, the roof can have tiny holes.

Design Your New Garage

Once you’re all set, you can start planning on the design of your garage. When designing your new garage, don’t forget to complement it to the existing design of your home. Take note of the components of a garage which are the doors, windows, and exterior design.


If you’re planning to convert your carport, you have to check with your local community first to avoid going through the hassle of planning and designing your new garage if in the end, you’re not allowed to enclose your carport. To have a smooth project, it’s best to consult an expert.

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