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Carports are great alternatives to traditional and fully enclosed garages. Carports are structures that you can install in your backyards for the primary purpose of having a place to park your cars and vehicles and protecting them from the intermittent weather. Unlike traditional garages that are enclosed with four walls and a shutter door to allow you access, carports are typically built with at least two open sides. Amidst this, they are still very effective in protecting your cars from the sun, heavy rains, and strong winds. They are significantly cheaper and more affordable than garages too, making them a very popular alternative. Carports are also semi-permanent structures, which means that you should be able to move them to a different area in your backyard without the need for disassembling and reassembling parts. On top of that, there are many other functions that you can convert a carport to. For example, carports can also be utilized as an outdoor living space where you can host parties or simply enjoy yourself with your family. Carports have all the elements of an outdoor living area – it has a paved floor, a robust framework, and a roofing system. You can also add an enclosure or put up a hot tub to add more heat during cold days. Other creative ways of utilizing a carport include using it as a workstation and transforming it into a shed. 

Since the primary purpose of having a carport is for protection, it is important that they are built properly to encourage longevity and durability. Here at Ipswich Carports, we have a team of competent, trained, and skilled carport installers who have been delivering visually appealing, long-lasting, and cos-effective carports in Ipswich for more than 15 years. We are committed to providing high-quality and professional carport solutions to everyone in our effort to make your lives better with our services. Call us today at (07) 3113 9034 so that one of our expert carport installers can explore with you all the available options and perfect solution that we have for you!


We help you find the perfect carport for your needs. With a variety of options at affordable prices, we're sure to have something great!

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Carports can be a more affordable and utilitarian alternative to garages that you can use not only for parking but as an extension to your site works in the outdoors.

Adding a pergola or a new shed to your backyard and garden can improve its overall aesthetic and design. They are beautiful structures that elicit luxury and comfort.

Patios have the ability to transform your backyard into an awesome outdoor living space where you and your family can enjoy and entertain your guests. 

Creating balance in your outdoor living space with a well-built decking can take your backyard to a new level. They can be a perfect area to read, relax, and have fun!

What Made Us Great

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The carport design comprises a huge part of the installation process. Here at Ipswich Carports, we create and customize designs based on your need, making sure that they form a perfect balance of form & function.

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Professional Workmanship

Our greatest guarantee here at Ipswich Carports is our commitment to professionalism and quality workmanship. All our carport builders and installers uphold a very high standard of quality and it shows in the end result.

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Client-Focused Services

At the end of the day, our carport builders and installers create and install carports and other structures to your satisfaction. They don't stop at meeting your expectations, instead, we strive to exceed them and more. Here, you are always our priority.

What Our Clients Say

Testimonials from our previous clients


Why should you trust us with your project? Our many years of experience in construction means we do a great job at not just building applications but also at council approvals. As part of our service offering, we offer comprehensive support both for planning approvals as well as finalising your project with that all-important building certificate from any relevant councils.

We’re here to help with any size or type of project. While other companies shy away from big complex projects, we on the other hand can build a six-by-six carport for you, as well as something more complicated if that’s what you need! Call us today and we’ll get started on your carport design —we want this to be perfect so it will work really well for all of your needs in the future!

We know that carports are not one-size-fits all and we want to make sure you have an easy time with it! We’ll answer any questions, give advice on what size would be best for your needs–whether it’s protecting vehicles or providing storage space. With over 15 years in the industry under our belt (and happy customers!), Carports Ipswich is without a doubt one-stop shop when quality matters most!

We are a top-notch business with over 15 years of experience in Queensland. Our family-owned company partners have built themselves as the premier supplier of carports and patios throughout Ipswich areas, assisting young homeowners to renovate their homes to look like something new after many renovations or even an addition! We also provide referral services for large commercial and industrial factories, warehouses, offices and restaurants that need our help!

Many people are looking into getting a carport for their needs. There are many options that can be taken when it comes to the design and sourcing of these buildings, but Ipswich Carports has gone above and beyond with all they do in order to make things easier on clients. They provide high-quality workmanship at an affordable price without sacrificing any form or function whatsoever!

We know buying a shed is an important investment so we go out of our way to make it as easy and affordable for you. We’ll come to your property with all the paperwork in order, help assemble if needed and have time on hand should any extra bits be required before you’re ready! Plus, Council Approvals are never more than one phone call away – don’t worry about that hassle anymore! And because this building will last longer than anything else down here (seriously!), it’s made from premium Australian BlueScope steel- designed specifically by Aussies who know what they need most when designing buildings for Queensland’s harsh weather conditions.

You don’t need to be an architect or engineer, just tell us what you want and we will give it our best shot. We are willing to take a chance on your crazy idea so long as there is potential for success- that’s why some of the most interesting designs have come from small businesses like yours!

At Carports Ipswich, you’ll be in the hands of experienced professionals who promise that each client will receive a garage or carport design to meet their individual needs. Knowing that every home is different and unique, we take pride in delivering garages and carports which complement your home rather than detract from it.

When you want to build a garage or carport, it’s important that your team have experience with all types of garages and know how to get the job done. We’ll work within what makes sense for your home environment as well as ensuring whatever structure we create is something you can be proud of too! This isn’t just our promise; one reason why you should contact us about building new structures on property is because no two projects are ever alike-ever since 2006 this has been true when working in custom construction.

You want to build a garage, but it’s so stressful. At Ipwich Carports, we understand that you’re not an expert and have no idea where to start or what type of carport would suit your needs best. Our team can guide you through the whole process with the team at Ipswich Carports from drawing up designs for your new carport all the way until parking in its shelter! No matter how daunting this project is for anyone who doesn’t know anything about carpentry, our company will be there every step of the way throughout this entire building experience.

No steel building budget is ever truly over. Ipswich Carports are dedicated to providing practical suggestions for reducing energy costs even after your build has completed! By using traditional craftsmanship alongside cutting-edge construction, we design new homes that reduce long term overhead while making living more comfortable and enjoyable in the process.

With a high number of successful builds, extensions and house renovations in Brisbane under our belt—and the protection of your home from harsh Australian sun as part-and-parcel to such work—we also go above and beyond when it comes to offering advice on reducing costly maintenance.

Get a carport that will last for many years with our affordable and durable construction. Choose from a selection of different styles to best suit your needs!

At Carports Ipswich, we take pride in our carports that are visually superior and long-lasting. They’re cost effective for you too!

There are many designs and styles that you can choose from for your carports. We can also customize a unique design for you. Our carport builders and installers are highly competent and experienced to provide you with premium quality carports and other structures. Call us today for more information and to get a FREE quote.

With a team that has many years of experience, we are able to ensure your needs will be met with ease and professionalism!

Pergolas are not just gorgeous additions to your backyard, but they also have the potential to transform it into an exclusive and cozy living space. But it’s important that pergolas are installed and oriented properly so they serve their purpose and you maximize their utility. If you are looking for a service provider that is experienced in delivering high-quality, durable, and aesthetically superb pergolas and sheds, call us today for more information and talk to one of our experts to start the process of having your dream shed and pergola installed in your backyard or garden.

Our team of experts knows how to build the perfect pergola for any occasion. We can custom tailor a design that will meet and exceed your expectations with an indoor or outdoor space, making it luxurious yet cozy at the same time!

Why trust your outdoor space and landscaping needs to just anyone? You need the best. That’s why we are home to some of Ipswich’s most skilled and experienced patio installers!

Need to transform your backyard? The right patio will not only be aesthetically superb but also top-notch quality.

If you want a long-lasting, sturdy patio deck covers installed in your backyard, call us today so one of our representatives can assess your needs and provide you with an accurate cost estimate and timeline.

With so many beautiful options, it’s hard to decide on the perfect outdoor deck for your home. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our guide that will help take care of all these questions and more.

You know that feeling when you’re out on a walk and it starts raining? You can’t help but think “Hmmm, this would be so much better with an umbrella.” That’s how I felt about decks. Amidst this, it is still important that if you do get one built for your home, you employ the help of a service provider that you can trust. Call Ipswich Carports today to get a FREE quote!

We like to think of our decks as a way to spend your free time in the great outdoors. Our commitment has led us through years and we know that for many people, this is an excellent investment!


Some of the most frequent Questions from our clients

Carports are cheaper than garages. In order to determine the cost, things like what area is covered and how much material will need for your project matter most when it comes down a carport estimate of $1-$4k dollars depending on how elaborate you want this addition in terms size availability time frame etc. Call us today so we can assess your needs then provide accurate quotes as soon as possible!

There are different factors that affect the duration by which a project can take to complete. In determining the timeframe of a project, we take into account things like area to be covered, preparatory work that is needed to be done, the type of materials we are working with, as well as the weather forecast. Call us today to get a more accurate timeline based on your specifications. 

There are three types of anchoring structures. If the building were to be mounted on a concrete pad or footing, then traditional cone-shaped wedge anchors would be needed. We also offer 30 inch rebar stakes that can only work if they’re set in dirt and gravel surfaces without any footings under them as well. For our certified buildings, we use helical mobile home anchors with strong spirals for maximum support against heavy winds during hurricanes and tornadoes (they make more sense when you see it!). You could always purchase one from us but this option is not available for unclassified units since these aren’t covered by warranties like ours will surely protect your safety!

In order to provide you with affordable products, quick installation, and permits for your new steel building it is the customer’s responsibility to check that their designated space has a flat and square surface without any right of way restrictions or set-back limitations on where they can install the steel building among other local requirements. Council approvals are almost a must.

By turning the roof panels vertically on your new steel building, we’re able to add support rails along the length of them. This increases strength and rigidity in addition to making it easier for us to screw into something solid when building a shelter.

A horizontal steel roof will have ridges that run from end-to-end. Water on a horizontal panel roof drains towards the door and may pool in low areas if it’s not level, but water won’t drain efficiently to the sides like with vertical panels because of how flat these roofs are. A vertical metal panel is great for drainage since they’re sloped at an angle where most snow slides off immediately or melts quickly due to solar heat exposure as well.

You can always reach us at our phone number by dialing (07) 3113 9034 or you can send us an email at [email protected]. One of our experts will be very happy to entertain all your questions and inquiries. One step closer to having your dream shed or carport.