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Pergolas in Ipswich

An outdoor space can offer you different options when deciding what you’d like added to it. Whether it be something attached to your property or is something free-standing, there is a variety of choices to be had. If you want something that can either be attached or free-standing and has a variety of styles and materials, then you will want a pergola. Pergolas are stylish and functional structures that can be applied in different ways depending on what style you are looking for. Are you unsure what would work for you? There are different pergola designs to consider.


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The carport design comprises a huge part of the installation process. Here at Ipswich Carports, we create and customize designs based on your need, making sure that they form a perfect balance of form & function.

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Professional Workmanship

Our greatest guarantee here at Ipswich Carports is our commitment to professionalism and quality workmanship. All our carport builders and installers uphold a very high standard of quality and it shows in the end result.

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Client-Focused Services

At the end of the day, our carport builders and installers create and install carports and other structures to your satisfaction. They don't stop at meeting your expectations, instead, we strive to exceed them and more. Here, you are always our priority.

Options for Pergolas

Something to consider first when choosing a pergola is the materials you would like to have it made with. With the general structure, there are usually the options of wood and steel. Roofing on the other hand can either be polycarbonate or acrylic which offers a variety in itself. What are the differences you may ask? They are as follows:

Acrylic Roofing

Acrylic is a highly transparent material that is used in several applications including motorcycle helmet visors. It is a sturdy and lightweight material that can also be tinted to alter the colour of the light it lets through. As a roofing material, it blocks out any rain, hail, or other falling material like leaves and branches from tall nearby trees. The main downside of this type of roofing is that the material can be exposed to breaking if it is put under an excessive amount of pressure.

Polycarbonate Roofing

While this material is similar to acrylic, polycarbonate will block out UV rays and therefore, will yellow with time and sunlight exposure. You’ll also find this material used in CDs and DVDs and notebook casings. In comparison to acrylic, however, polycarbonate is generally made of a stronger material and as roofing, is not as inclined to break, however, and is thus a lot easier to install.

Both materials are versatile in what kind of roof they can be attached to. Choosing what kind of pergola you would like for your outdoor area mainly depends on what style you are looking for and what can be applied to your property. The more popular choices include the following:

Gable: A design that has the rafters cut at angles and meet in the middle of the construction at a ridge which you can have to reflect the structure of your roof. It can be lined with lumber or other materials to emulate ceilings and also have the end sorts amended to provide a hip and bay end to further customize its layout.  In addition to this, there can be ornamental add-ons for more space. 

Level: This is a more versatile design where you can have it lined with a timber ceiling and feature inbuilt lighting and fans. Generally, though, it is encouraged to have a 5-degree pitch at a minimum so water can remove itself from the very top of the construction but you can have it in distinct degrees or pitches to apply your desired style. 

Dome: A more modern design that features a curved roof design which allows a high airflow and cooler space for wherever it is placed. It can be free-standing or attached and its height empowers hot air rise additionally creating a cooler outside living space.

Each pergola design has different features for you to consider. If you are unsure of what type of pergola would work for and what materials to apply, it would be best to consult a professional service like Ipswich Carports.

Why Have Your Pergolas Installed by Ipswich Carports

By choosing to work with Ipswich Carports for your pergola needs, you can be assured of a range of options for styles and materials. With more than a range of quality materials to choose from, you can be sure to find your pergola needs met at a cost-effective rate while still proving to be an investment. To learn more about what other services Ipswich Carports can offer you, you can contact us via our hotline or email.