Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Pergola

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Nowadays, pergolas are a popular design element for your outdoor space. It’s functional, maximises your space, and increases your curb appeal. In case you plan to sell you’re home in the future, having a pergola increases the value of your property.

There are endless design and material options for pergolas. Some homeowners will often choose pergolas based on appearance. This is one of the most common mistakes that can be stressful in the future.

Knowing the most common mistakes when having pergolas installed will help you save on time and costly mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Size and Design

One of the most common mistakes is getting the wrong size. To avoid this, your contractor should know the dimensions of your yard. Do you have uneven or areas that are always wet in your yard? At Ipswich Carports, we offer multiple size options to maximize your outdoor space.

Poorly Selected Material

What material will be used? Wood is stunning and affordable. There are different kinds of wood and the most ideal are cedar and redwood because they are insect resistant. However, they are more expensive so that’s another thing to consider.

You should also consider materials such as aluminium for posts and structures and synthetic vinyl for the roof. These are low maintenance materials and doesn’t need to be stained.

Not Checking Utilities Before Digging

Before starting your pergolas project, your underground should be checked to make sure that there’s no damage that can potentially cause failure and costly repairs. Here at Ipswich Carports, our team is well-trained and has years of experience in installing pergolas. We make sure to check utilities before we start digging.

Ignoring Local Weather Conditions

Is it rainy in your area? Or do you get heavy sunshine? if you’re in a dry and hot area, Sombrero Pergola would be a perfect option for you! Considering your local weather conditions is vital when having a pergola installed. There are different types of pergolas that will perfectly suit your needs.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

You’re not only investing your money when building a pergola, but you’re also investing your time. There’s nothing more frustrating and stressful than wasting your time and money because you chose the wrong contractor. To ensure that you’ll have a long-lasting, sturdy, and durable pergola, you need to hire experienced and highly skilled contractors.

Here at Ipswich Carports, our team is fully equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to build pergolas that stand the test of time. Working with us will give you a stress-free


Installing a pergola in your outdoor space can be exciting. However, you need to take note of the most common mistakes to avoid stressful and costly mistakes. To ensure that you’ll have a quality and long-lasting pergola, you should hire experienced contractors.

At Ipswich Carports, we offer a large selection of pergolas that will suit every need, budget, and design. If you need professional advice about pergolas, you can contact our friendly team. We can discuss in detail the information you need!