5 Ways to Customise Your Carport

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Metal carports are affordable, durable, and easy to install. However, most homeowners find metal carports too plain or boring because of their standard look.

Luckily, there are many ways to customise and redesign metal carports to increase their visual appeal. Never underestimate the unlimited option you have for customising your metal carport. You don’t need to spend a lot or buy fancy things just to make your metal carport look better.

Here are some of the most common and easy ways to increase the appeal of your metal carport:

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

All structures can be dark on the inside and metal structures are no exception. When designing your enclosed metal carport, add windows or skylight to let natural light in. If you already have a carport, you can increase the lighting by installing energy-efficient fixtures.

Even open carports can have energy-efficient fixtures rated for outdoor because they won’t react to air humidity compared to indoor lighting,

Add Shelves

Choosing carports over garages doesn’t mean that you can’t add storage space. Adding storage space to your carport is easy.

When customising metal carports, most homeowners install custom-built shelves. While it may sound expensive, there are other options such as DIY modular sets that are designed by reliable and trusted manufacturers.

Consider Ventilation Fans

If you have a garage, enclosed carport, or workshop, ventilation is important especially during the summertime. Large fans or vents in the roof can help in moving hot air out and bring cooler air in.

You can also try using an attic fan to circulate hot air at the top of the structure and smaller fans at floor level.

Use Paint to Decorate

Transforming your carport can be as easy as painting the interiors or flooring. For best results, use a paint that is designed for concrete flooring or sheet metal.

Painting your carport is one of the quickest ways to increase its aesthetic appeal. With unlimited choices of colours, you can instantly make your carport one of a kind!

Mimic Style of Another Structure

Just because you have a metal carport, it doesn’t mean that you can’t redesign it. You can mimic the design of other structures if you’re tired of how simple your metal carport looks.

For example, metal carports that look like barns are popular and create a rustic feel and look to your property,


Metal carports are not meant to be boring and simple. There is an unlimited way for you to increase the visual appeal of your metal carport. What we listed are some of the quickest and easiest ways to customise your carport.

When it comes to designing or customising your metal carports, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your big ideas can go a long way!

Here at Ipswich Carports, we encourage creativity when it comes to designing metal structures or carports. All of our structures are customisable. If you already have a carport and decide to customise it, we can also help you with that!