5 Simple Ways to Have a More Child-Friendly Patio

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Are you starting to realize that your patio is not child-friendly at all? You’re not the only one! Patios are considered one of the least child-friendly areas in your home.

Its slippery surface when raining can cause serious injuries to children who love to run around the backyard. While elevated patios are potentially dangerous to toddlers because they can slip and fall through the gaps of the railings.

But, there are still ways to keep your patio child-friendly as possible. Having a child-friendly outdoor space will allow your kids to spend more time outdoors without risking their safety. Here are easy ways on how you can turn your patio into a child-friendly space:

Consider Adding Shade

No one wants to hang out under the scourging hot sun. Having an adequate amount of shade is vital. At the same time, it protects you from harmful UV rays. Especially if you have children, more shade means more outdoor time!

There are many ways to add shade to your patio. You can invest in insulated roof panels or use a retracted awning instead. These roofing solutions will help maintain a more comfortable temperature on your patio.

Soften the Surfaces

Patios are slippery, especially during the rainy season. Since children love to run around the backyard, you need to consider softening your patio surfaces by using non-slip and non-skid materials to avoid severe injuries.

You can also use rubber flooring or playmats to increase grip and reduce accidents.

Establish Designated Play Area

The best and easiest way to keep children away from potentially dangerous areas outdoors is by giving them a designated play area. For example, adding a sandbox or cubby house to keep them busy and entertained will help in preventing troubles and accidents.

Grow Safe Plants

Do you love growing plants in your backyard? If yes, you should be cautious in the kinds of plants you’re growing when you have children. Even if you leave your toddler or little children unsupervised for a minute, things can go wrong. It can lead to being poisoned or injured.

Dangerous and prickly plants like succulents, cacti, and roses should be avoided. Most importantly, poisonous plants like a golden dewdrop, angel’s trumpet, and daphnes should also be avoided.

Safeguard Balcony Railings

Do you have an elevated patio or porch? The gaps on the railings can be dangerous for young kids, specifically toddlers. Fortunately, you can put slabs of plexiglass or acrylic sheets on the railings.

Do not use wires or nettings because they can easily get tampered with or damaged.


There you have it, simple ways to transform your patio into a child-friendly area, A child-friendly patio makes your outdoor space more functional and safe. Balancing the design you want and having a child-friendly outdoor space can be difficult at first.

Here at Ipswich Carports, our designers and builders can help you in maintaining the design you want while having a child-friendly outdoor space. We prioritise your needs to ensure that you’ll get the results you’ve always wanted!